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Keep You Connected
Efficient and Affordable.




Live streaming of video or transfer of large amounts of data from a vehicle over wireless used to be next to impossible.


Live streaming of video or transfer of large amounts of data from a vehicle over wireless used to be next to impossible. Not anymore! With HauteSpot HauteMOBiLE™ intelligent wireless routers and the microNVR™ video processing platform storing and transmitting video from your vehicle is efficient and affordable.

In the parking lot HauteSpot’s’ HauteMOBiLE intelligent wireless routers can link up to fixed wireless routers on your using standard 802.11a/b/g/n protocols, as well as Part 90Y public safety bands. For real performance use a HauteWRAP™ fixed wireless router on your building and the HauteSpot TDMA-Like Protocol to transfer data at up to 160Mbps TCP (actual throughput, not theory).

On the road HauteSpot’ HauteMOBiLE intelligent wireless routers can connect to your cellular provider using 3G GSM, EVDO, UMTS, HSPA+ or 4G LTE. The HauteMOBiLE creates an always on, persistent connection to your carrier and then provides all of the devices in your vehicle with IP network connectivity.

For security and manageability add a VPN tunnel from your HauteMOBiLE router to a HauteLINK™ VPN gateway back at your office. The VPN tunnel is secured by encryption, fully authenticated and will remain connected even through roaming and disconnects.

HauteEDGE microNVR™

While your vehicle is on the road, you can use a HauteSpot microNVR with the Mobile Video Vault (MVV) application to record your video, your GPS location, vehicle diagnostic data, sensor data or whatever else you choose. At the end of a shift, when you are back in the parking lot, MVV will automatically transfer your video and data back to your fixed server for permanent storage. MVV also provides storage management and search.

If you need to watch video live from your vehicles, use the MVE application running on a microNVR to record video in your vehicle and simultaneous stream high definition, high quality video over your cellular carrier. Even if you only have 120kbps, you can stream high quality video at fast frame rate.

Driving around the city or around the country, HauteSpot Networks in-vehicle intelligent wireless routers keep you connected and the HauteSpot microNVR captures and transmits your video for you.