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Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

Project Synopsis

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club is a beautiful 18 Hole Golf course intertwined with a master planned community located in the city of Panama. The course was designed by the world renowned Niklaus Design team. Yes, by The Golden Bear himself. The task of the security engineer was to provide a CCTV system that covered the perimeter of the property and select areas of interest with high resolution IP video. The integrator had one very large problem; how do you get perimeter coverage on a 700+ acre site, dotted with rolling terrain, trees and skyscrapers? Enter HauteSpot Networks. With our wireless WRAP plus product line and team of experienced presales engineers, HauteSpot delivered a product that enabled the integrator to deliver on a demanding project. To be successful, the project needed a high performance, smart wireless router architecture capable of point to point, point to multi-point, repeated and mesh topologies to be able to transmit the IP video from the far edges of the property to the centralized head-end location where the NVR servers were located. Utilizing a repeating and point to multi-point wireless topology, HauteSpot Networks is able to drive the video wirelessly through the golf course, weaving around obstructions while transmitting multiple, megapixel video cameras from the far flung locations around the property, to the centralized NVR location and the properties main office.  



Integrator: Advanced Systems Supply, S.A
Products: HauteWRAP™
IP Cameras: 2MP IP Cameras
Project Type:Commercial Video Surveillance

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