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Recent Wins

Recent Wins

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 00:00

Yubba-Sutter Transit

Project Synopsis

Yubba-Sutter Transit issued an RFP to implement a comprehensive IP Surveillance System for three Park and Ride lots. This project was funded under the Transit System Safety, Security and Disaster Response Account administered by California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) to implement a system.

 The project required the integrator to provide 30 days of video storage from multiple cameras across multiple light poles without trenching (The trenching costs alone would have sent the project over budget), without power availability and within budget.

Enter HauteSpot Networks in collaboration with Precision West Technologies, inc. From RFP to engineering to implementation, HauteSpot Networks designed and supported Precision West through the entire sales process. The HauteSpot solution included HauteSpot wireless routers, solar kits, UPS and NVR products to provide the winning, total solution for Yuba-Sutter Transit.  

The HauteSpot solution transmits multiple megapixel IP cameras wirelessly back to the microNVR2000 for edge IP video recording. Each light pole in the parking lots with IP cameras and wireless transceivers were powered using HauteSpot’s solar power kits with battery backup. The microNVR edge video recorders are powered using UPS products which draw power from the light pole as available when the lights are on, then runs off the UPS batteries during the daytime when the lights are off. Each of the three Park and Ride Locations has a single microNVR2000 for the edge recording functionality, which also provides a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless video viewing and transfer.

The customer has the ability to drive up within 300 feet of each microNVR2000 and wirelessly connect to the NVR to view and download recorded or live video. Should the customer find the need; the simple addition of a USB cellular modem to the microNVR2000 will give the customer the ability to view the video remotely over the Internet. Precision West Technologies and HauteSpot Networks’ proposal not only provided the most viable solution; it did so significantly below budget.

Integrator: Precision West Technologies, inc.
Products: HauteWRAP™, Solar, UPS, HauteEDGETM microNVR2000
IP Cameras: 5mp Arecont Cameras
Project Type:Municipality Video Surveillance

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 00:00

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

Project Synopsis

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club is a beautiful 18 Hole Golf course intertwined with a master planned community located in the city of Panama. The course was designed by the world renowned Niklaus Design team. Yes, by The Golden Bear himself. The task of the security engineer was to provide a CCTV system that covered the perimeter of the property and select areas of interest with high resolution IP video. The integrator had one very large problem; how do you get perimeter coverage on a 700+ acre site, dotted with rolling terrain, trees and skyscrapers? Enter HauteSpot Networks. With our wireless WRAP plus product line and team of experienced presales engineers, HauteSpot delivered a product that enabled the integrator to deliver on a demanding project. To be successful, the project needed a high performance, smart wireless router architecture capable of point to point, point to multi-point, repeated and mesh topologies to be able to transmit the IP video from the far edges of the property to the centralized head-end location where the NVR servers were located. Utilizing a repeating and point to multi-point wireless topology, HauteSpot Networks is able to drive the video wirelessly through the golf course, weaving around obstructions while transmitting multiple, megapixel video cameras from the far flung locations around the property, to the centralized NVR location and the properties main office.  



Integrator: Advanced Systems Supply, S.A
Products: HauteWRAP™
IP Cameras: 2MP IP Cameras
Project Type:Commercial Video Surveillance

Thursday, 24 January 2013 10:52

Malibu Lagoon

Project Synopsis

The City of Malibu was mandated to dredge the Malibu lagoon in response to a NOAA study on a super strain of staph that was developing in the lagoon due to the brackish conditions of the water. The project was highly contested by local residents and surfers of the famous Malibu point break stating that the dredging would ruin the established ecosystem of the lagoon, damage the quality of the surf and hurt local tourism. When the plan was finally approved, there were several cases of vandalism to construction equipment.

The city hired SOV Security to install a wireless IP video surveillance system around the lagoon. SOV utilized HauteSpot Networks HauteWRAP wireless routers and the HauteSHOT microNVR as the central recording server. 4 Innovative Security Design 2 megapixel IP cameras were mounted on two poles located on opposite ends of the lagoon along with HauteWRAP wireless routers. The HauteWRAP routers then communicated wirelessly back to the microNVR located it in the California State Parks entry/guard booth. The microNVR ran Exacq VMS software and reliably recorded the video from the camera and made it accessible in real time over the Internet to the Malibu Police.

The project has been up and functional for many months and all of the components have been very reliable.



Integrator: SOV Security
HauteSpot Rep: CVReps
Products: HauteWRAP™, HauteSHOT microNVR™
IP Cameras: JBS-AF-1080P ISD Jaguar

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 16:00

Colorado Springs

Project Synopsis

The City of Colorado Springs was looking for a turn-key video surveillance solution for a 7-block street corridor within the city. The primary objectives of the project were to improve public safety, assist in police investigations and improve incident response. The City’s expectations were to be able to view the video feeds in real time by authorized City staff. The city had attempted a similar project utilizing Tropos wireless system with poor results. Enter HauteSpot Networks and Wizards Works Integrations. With our combined knowledge and expertise, our companies were able to provide the requested video surveillance in all the requested areas, with High Definition Static IP cameras and steerable PTZ cameras. The video is being streamed in real-time over HauteSpot Networks latest WRAP wireless nodes with performance on par with a traditional wired system. Some distances reached nearly a mile from the furthest camera location to the head end at the police station. Even with lots of existing wireless in the area for Wi-Fi internet and microwave radios for building connectivity, HauteSpot Networks smart routers are able to reliably stream high quality video from every camera throughout the city, back to the central recording servers with minimal to no latency.

Integrator: Wizard Works
HauteSpot Rep: ProSource
Products: HauteWRAP™
IP Cameras: 2MP ISD Cameras, HD Canon PTZ Cameras
Project Type:Public Safety Video Surveillance

Thursday, 10 January 2013 16:00

Wallgreens Distribution Center

Project Synopsis

The customer Wallgreens, has a large distribution center 9 rows of storage racks 100’ tall and 600’ long. At each end of the rows there is an operator station which allows an employee to control the robotic pallet picker that moves through the rows, picking up large palates of products and moving them to the front for shipping. Sometimes, a piece of palate tape would get in the way of the automatic safety kill switches and an employee would have to climb the racks to see what is in the way and clear the obstruction. This was dangerous and time consuming. The solution was to install two cameras on each robotic pallet picker with a WRAP wireless transmitter shooting to a WRAP base station attached to a microNVR station with a keyboard and monitor at the end of the rows. This allows the operator to visually see what the obstruction is that is causing the system to stop and then either to manually override the stop or plan to remove the obstruction. This system was replicated in one other Wallgreens distribution center.



Integrator: Firetrol
HauteSpot Rep: Campion Sales
Products: HauteWRAP™, HauteSHOTmicroNVR™
IP Cameras: Vivotek 8171V
Project Type: Warehouse Automation

Friday, 11 January 2013 15:11

Tarrant County Sheriff's Accounting Center

Project Synopsis

Tarrant County Texas Sheriff’s department needed a small simple solution to connect a couple of cameras in remote offices back to their headquarters. They did not need to incur the expense of installing a large video server at each location and they wanted to use something that was going to be bandwidth efficient and secure.

Tarrant County chose the HauteSpot microNVR running the innovative MVE software suite along with HauteSpot SSL based VPN to reliably, securely and discretely connect their remote offices. The microNVR supports recording of two IP cameras at each location at full native frame rate and resolution. Then the video can be remotely viewed using the MVE client over secure VPN connections.

A small, reliable, and easy to use solution for linking remote offices for real time video surveillance remotely.

HauteSpot Rep: Campion Sales
Products: HauteSHOT microNVR
Project Type: Public Safety Video Surveillance
Thursday, 10 January 2013 16:00

Sherwin-Williams Stead Distribution Center

Project Synopsis

Stanley was asked to replace an existing analog video system with a wireless IP video system at the Sherwin-Williams distribution center in Reno. The objective of the project was to increase video coverage and improve resolution in order to support better intrusion detection and interdiction, support operational evaluation of the shipping process, and to mitigate liability risks and claims exposure around the facility.

Light pole locations were chosen around the parking lots and entry ways where 20 megapixel multi-imager cameras were installed in place of standard definition PTZ cameras. This increased the field of view for cameras providing greater coverage, increased pixel density which led to better image quality, reduced operating costs, and maximized incident capture rates.

Using HauteSpot wireless completely eliminated trenching which was not only cost prohibitive but would have interrupted plant operations, costing thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

HauteSpot Networks’ High Performance, Point to Multipoint MIMO wireless nodes were used to connect three 20 megapixel multi-imager IP cameras and two 5MP IP cameras to the plant VMS system. The first phase was so successful, that the company is now looking to expand their wireless IP camera installation.

Integrator: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions
HauteSpot Rep: CVReps
Products: HauteWRAP Family
IP Cameras: Arecont 20185, AV5125
Project Type: Warehouse

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:00

Northridge Cooperative Housing Project

Project Synopsis

Northridge Cooperative Homes (NCH) is a $55 million non-profit corporation set up for the purpose of providing affordable ownership housing for its members. The project received a Safe Neighborhood Grant (SNG) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to build a community wide solution to crime, violence and illegal drug activity, and target areas in and around federally subsidized, low-income housing.

NCH is located in Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco, next to the decommissioned Hunters Point naval shipyard and around some of San Francisco’s rougher neighborhoods. In order to implement their SNG project, NCH enlisted the expertise of Applied Video Solutions. From their analysis of the project and the client’s needs, it was determined that a traditional wired network was not an option, for it would entail tearing up many newly laid concrete and asphalt to run data and power cabling.

The main goals of NCH’s video surveillance were to have coverage of every vehicle entry point into the properties with the ability to capture license plate numbers as well as the occupants inside. Applied Video Solutions partnered with HauteSpot Networks to develop a wireless point to multipoint network which linked all of the buildings in the property and the numerous IP cameras back to a central monitoring location.

Many of the cameras used employed Pan-Tilt-Zoom technology (PTZ), high frame rate, and in some cases megapixel resolution. The wireless network needed to provide low latency for steering these cameras, while not interrupting the constant stream of high bandwidth video from each camera.

What made the project especially difficult were the extreme variances in topography. Many mature trees dotted the landscape, making it difficult to establish clear line-of-sight for the wireless shots, and owing to the proximity of the bay, fishing and transportation vessels generated high RF interference from their radar and communication systems.

The project was a success with the integrator, Applied Video Solutions and serves as a point of reference for several other similar projects now being designed.

Integrator: Applied Video Solutions
HauteSpot Rep: CVReps
Products: HauteWRAP
IP Cameras: Over 15 cameras with a combination of PTZ, Fixed Megapixel and Multi-Imager Panoramic IP Cameras.
Project Type: Housing

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:00

Lake George

Project Synopsis

The County of Anoka Minnesota needed to put in a surveillance system for Lake George, a popular destination for recreation including, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and swimming. The project included placing 8 megapixel IP cameras surrounding the lake and in camp sites. Two of the cameras required the use of wireless since they were a long distance away in a remote location with no network infrastructure. Marco, the system integrator contacted HauteSpot Networks who assisted in creating a design which linked the cameras which were over 1 mile away, over water, to the main VMS location. There were really no alternatives to using wireless broadband which would deliver the bandwidth necessary to support the 8 megapixel cameras at the distance required. HauteSpot Networks TDMA protocol delivered near wire performance as a price that met the County’s needs.

Integrator: Marco
HauteSpot Rep: Security Marketing Consultants
Products: HauteWRAP
IP Cameras: Arecont 8185DN
Project Type: Commercial Video Surveillance

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:00

Port of Grays Harbor

Project Synopsis

The Port Of Grays Harbor in Washington State was faced with the task of protecting over 1500 acres of port property. There was little existing communications infrastructure, a large amount of industrial equipment which created RF noise, rain, fog, salt air, and long obstructed distances to cover. The Port had received a grant Funded by the US Port Security Grant Program for a comprehensive video security system and they commissioned SiteSecurity360 to design and install a state of the art IP surveillance system that would meet their immediate needs for video surveillance and provide capacity for future expansion. SiteSecurity360 partnered with HauteSpot Networks to create a wireless solution that was reliable and extensible.

Over 15 2 and 5 megapixel IP cameras were placed at key points throughout the property. In order to maximize coverage a hub and spoke design was used which placed a distribution repeater high atop a grain silo with a ½ mile backhaul link to the Port headquarters. This provided line of sight coverage to remote cameras, some as far as 3 miles away. 90% of the wireless links were over a half a mile in distance. The point to multipoint design greatly reduced the cost of installation by eliminating unnecessary mesh or repeater nodes. HauteSpot Networks’ TDMA protocol reduced jitter and stabilized video streaming over this multi hop network. HauteSpot wireless enabled over 6 miles of links around the Port, eliminating the need for trenching, allowing cameras to be placed where they needed to be, reducing the installation time, and meeting all of the objectives the Port had for providing perimeter security to this vast facility.

Integrator: SiteSecurity360
HauteSpot Rep: CVReps
Products: HauteWRAP
IP Cameras: Over 15 cameras with a combination of PTZ, Fixed Megapixel and Multi-Imager Panoramic IP Cameras.
Project Type: Commercial Video Surveillance