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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 16:00

Colorado Springs

Project Synopsis

The City of Colorado Springs was looking for a turn-key video surveillance solution for a 7-block street corridor within the city. The primary objectives of the project were to improve public safety, assist in police investigations and improve incident response. The City’s expectations were to be able to view the video feeds in real time by authorized City staff. The city had attempted a similar project utilizing Tropos wireless system with poor results. Enter HauteSpot Networks and Wizards Works Integrations. With our combined knowledge and expertise, our companies were able to provide the requested video surveillance in all the requested areas, with High Definition Static IP cameras and steerable PTZ cameras. The video is being streamed in real-time over HauteSpot Networks latest WRAP wireless nodes with performance on par with a traditional wired system. Some distances reached nearly a mile from the furthest camera location to the head end at the police station. Even with lots of existing wireless in the area for Wi-Fi internet and microwave radios for building connectivity, HauteSpot Networks smart routers are able to reliably stream high quality video from every camera throughout the city, back to the central recording servers with minimal to no latency.

Integrator: Wizard Works
HauteSpot Rep: ProSource
Products: HauteWRAP™
IP Cameras: 2MP ISD Cameras, HD Canon PTZ Cameras
Project Type:Public Safety Video Surveillance

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